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Zero accidents and zero incidents can be achieved in your operation, dont just dream it, experience it.

How can we achieve this together? By maintaining a strong proactive approach to health, safety, and environmental issues, working with your workforce and contractors to ensure a true equilibria of standards across all operations every day.

When our consultants join your operation, they bring the highest standards to your operation, wherever you work in the world we are there to support you.

All of our consultants are skilled in their field, knowledgeable of the health and safety risks whilst demonstrating safe working practices which are designed to set admirable examples in safe conduct.

The drilling industry offer uniques challenges in a high risk industry.

Our drilling safety consultants are available to ensure your operation operates to the highest standards and incident free.

Our consultants have many years of working in the oil industry at senior levels allowing them to engage with the workforce at a level which the crews respect.

By observing and monitoring the crews performance during the operations, from these observations we are able to identify areas of potential failings. An action plan will then be formulated, before being presented to the client and the contractor for approval. The recovery stage of the plan may include mentoring and training where required and other recommendations required to raise the levels of safety.

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"Safetyman takes your safety program to the next level, maintain compliance, and prevent incidents by finding potential failures before they occur"

Johnson – GM Safetyman International

Safety is not just a part of your program, It is intergrated through your entire program

Safety programs are built from the ground up to ensure every potential is covered, but without direct engagement with the crews and the sharing of the information, you will be heading for an incident.

We can help you to prevent incidents with our knowledge, experience and our dedication to your success.


Well Services

The term workover is used to refer to any kind of oil well intervention involving invasive techniques, such as wireline, coiled tubing or snubbing. More specifically though, it will refer to the expensive process of pulling and replacing a completion.

High risk operations

Well services and well intervention poses a more hazardous risk than drilling operations; but with careful planning and execution the operation will proceed safely and the production of the well can resume in the shortest time frame possible. Onshore well testing and flow back operations are among the most dangerous in the industry, and the highest safety standards are necessary during this operation.

Controlled Operation

Our consultants are able to provide you with a world class operation, by using our coaching and mentoring programs we empower your employees and contractors to conduct the operation in a way that proactively integrates all applicable elements of our safety program into your operations. We will ensure your operation is conducted to the highest safety standards at all times.

The benefit of using an independent safety company

We will Verify that your contractors are in compliance with your health and safety standards and procedures, which will prevent incidents, limit your liability, and create the highest safety expectation for everyone on site

With our independent safety professionals on your location you can be assured that the your safety policies and procedures are being implemented by an independent safety professional that is always acting in your best interests.

We have found examples of an employed safety person being coerced and swayed by friendships and loyalties to an individual or team that have acted against the companies best interests, with our professionals we work consistently for your best interests to achieve the highest possible safety compliance.

So why employ one safety person for your company when you can have our entire team of safety professionals working for you.

Let Safetyman International show you what our professional team can achieve for you, with our wealth of specialist knowledge in the oil and gas field we can fully enhance and develop your safety program to the next level.

Upstream Process Safety
Process safety is major part of the safety management and focuses on the concerns of major hazards impacting, safety, environmental damage and potential impacts to the business. The goal of process safety management is to develop plant systems and procedures to prevent unwanted releases that may ignite and cause toxic impacts, local fires or explosions. ​ While petroleum operations involve risks, they can be effectively managed and eliminated when appropriate measures are taken. Operating safely is the most basic feature of business efficiency and has proven to improve productivity. ​ Our consultants have proven track records in safety and risk management. Call us today and we can show you how you can improve your safety management and move to the next level.

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